One of the best decisions I ever made in my entire life…

My decision to seek Chiropractic spinal health care took a lot of convincing and motivation from friends who were already reaping the miraculous benefits of allowing their Chiropractor – Dr. Halpern, to continually address their spinal health. From the onset, I was so doubtful and fearful and didn’t know what to really expect in terms of successful outcomes that he could provide.

Then, one day I decided to go for it. I was so exhausted with dealing with the uncomfortableness, not to mention the painful experiences.

Prior to seeking Chiropractic care, I was having a host of vertebrae issues to include: Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, loss of normal range of motion, Cervical issues and I could go on and on.  I found it an effort to get out of bed every morning.

I was referred and introduced to Dr. Halpern by two of my dear friends (husband and wife).  I loved him the moment we first met as he engaged in conversation with me and explored all of my fears and reservations.  He made me feel so comfortable.  His receptionist is delightful, personable and sweet and adds a caring ambience to the whole experience.

Dr. Halpern tested me and explained what was really going on with my spine; after which, he assured me that he could help me to feel better and experience a better quality of life without surgery.   He was also willing to work collaboratively with my Physiatrist and PM&R providers at the VA (I am a USAF Veteran) where I receive medical healthcare.  I found that willingness on his part to be so favorable in terms of his effort to ensure the most positive results possible.

To date, I have been receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Halpern for 1.5 years, on a weekly basis; and, I now feel wonderful and amazing.  My body is functioning without pain; and, there is no longer an effort to get out of bed to begin my day.  He has truly and without a doubt, performed miracles in terms of adjusting my spine to where it should be; and, I am excited about remaining his patient for years to come. I absolutely love being adjusted by my Chiropractor! Had I reached out sooner, I would have not have suffered so long. With that being said, I highly recommend Dr. Halpern to anyone who is having issues/problems with their spinal health. From my experience he is one of the very best in his profession.


Dr. Halpern has not only helped me but has also changed my thinking of chiropractic adjustments and the workings of the human body. I came to see Dr. Halpern for pain in my neck and shoulders. Something that I've had going on and off for two years. I had my doubts about Chiropractors, but decided to give him a try.

During our first meeting he was surprised to hear that I have had very bad sinus headaches for about 30 years. I would get them two or three times a week and have been living on sinus medications and aspirin. It became a way of life that I never thought could be helped by anyone. No doctor ever offered any long term help, just pills to dull the pain and anti-biotics for infection. I even received allergy shots three times a week for a year which didn't help.

Dr. Halpern said he thought he could help, so I started seeing him three times a week. I was very surprised when after the first adjustment my neck and shoulder pain went away. To me this was reason enough to continue treatments. I soon noticed that I wasn't getting headaches as often, they seemed to be getting fewer and further apart each week. I haven't even had to use nose spray, which is another company I've helped to keep in business!

Now I'm finding out other things are happening that I never expected. For the first time in many years I had menstrual periods with no cramps! The years of stiffness and arthritis pain are gone. I am also able to get out of bed and walk without discomfort.

I've learned alot about the spine its nerves and chiropractic adjustments since I started coming here. The best part is I'm getting help without taking pills! I guess you could say that I'm a believer!!

Thank you Dr. Halpern


For the first time in at least 20 years, my spine is straight. A massage therapist, who has treated me for years, commented this week on what beautiful work Dr. Halpern does. He noticed the S curve in my spine was gone! Also, I had a physical exam this week and measured 3/4 of an inch taller!! At first I thought that the nurse had measured me wrong, and had her do it again. I finally realized after being measured 3 times, that I was taller because my spine was straight!

I had been told in the past, by other chiropractors and an orthopedic doctor, about the curve in my spine, but none of them were able to correct it. Different  body parts that were out of balance due to the subluxations are now starting to even out (one arm longer than the other, one leg longer than the other, etc.) A general feeling of well-being, increased energy and better sleep are some of the benefits I have experienced through chiropractics, specifically Dr. Halpern's chiropractic. I have been to other Chiropractors, but never experienced such a noticable results!!


When I first came to Dr. Halpern, I was recovering from bronchitis and felt that my bones were out of alignment due to my cough. I have been coming to him for over a year now and I really feel fine. After my regular visits with him I am cheerful and full of energy. His office is a cheery place and a visit is almost a social occassion because friends have joined me, and as we wait for our treatment we chat with one another...not at all like a "normal" doctor's office where there is usually a deathly silence.

M.K.A (74 years young)

 On Sunday, September 24, 1989 I met Dr. Halpern. Having some knowledge of chiropractic care, I asked him the possibility of misalignment being the cause of my leg problems, as I am a fighter and refuse to give in to the possible effects of M.S. After his initial examination and x rays, Dr. Halpern felt I could benefit from treatment so I decided to begin.

The first adjustment was on Wednesday, September 27th. The first dramatic result was exactly a weeek later. That morning I awoke with what appeared to allergies or the beginning of a cold. I spent the entire day with Kleenex, and a burning, running, sneezing, nose. It wasn't until about two and a half hours after treatment that eventing that I realized I didnt't use on Kleenex since my adjustment. The second change appeared at the end of the week. After my adjustment, without thinking I proceeded to stretch, pointing my toes straight forward. Instead of the usual spasms and general  pain lasting 4-6 minutes, there was none. The third and most exciting change appeared exactly two weeks after first meeting Dr. Halpern. I was walking a set of stairs while carrying a set of 6 boxes in a business owned by a friend. She proceeded to call me by my husband's name because she was listening to the pace of my walk and not looking. When I told her it was me, she had to turn to observe. She was stunned to see that I was no longer moving at my usual slow, step at a time, using the handrail to pull myself, pace. She commented on the speed and new mobility that I gained. This was also observed and pointed out by many others, which you could imagine made me very excited about my experince!


When I started with Dr. Halpern I was a little unsure of how I should be feeling. I used to get dizzy spells when ever I would try looking up and now (after 12 visits) I'm not getting those spells. On my eleventh visit I came in feeling a little out of sorts but when I left and as the evening progressed I felt like a million! I really feel that my visits are doing me a world of good.


For years I have been taking medication prescribed by my doctor, for sinus problems which cause severe headaches. One week after, starting with Dr. Halpern I stopped taking this medication and no longer suffered from sinus headaches. I also found that my PMS symptoms have become much less severe, not to mention that my back and neck have greatly improved. Making my day to day activities much more pleantly and I am also sleeping much better due to the wonderful pillow I received from Dr. Halpern's office.


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  • "When I first came to Dr. Halpern, I was recovering from bronchitis and felt that my bones were out of alignment due to my cough. I have been coming to him for over a year now and I really feel fine. After my regular visits with him I am cheerful and full of energy. His office is a cheery place and a visit is almost a social occassion because friends have joined me, and as we wait for our treatment we chat with one another...not at all like a "normal" doctor's office where there is usually a deathly silence."
    M.K.A (74 years young)

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